Determinant of Participation Status and Utilization of Health Insurance in West Kalimantan Province 2017


  • Yaya Setiadi Politeknik Statistika STIS



health insurance, multinomial logistic regression, West Kalimantan


West Kalimantan Province has problems related to health insurance, namely the lowest percentage of participants nationally and the utilization of health insurance that is lower than the national average, also the lowest on Kalimantan Island. This shows the government policy of West Kalimantan Province regarding health insurance, not offset by community participation. The purpose of this study was to look at the general picture and variables that affect the status of participation and utilization of health insurance in West Kalimantan Province and its trends. In this study used SUSENAS KOR data in March 2017 with a sample of 1,299 individuals who experienced health complaints in the past month, did not treat themselves, and aged 15 years and over, and analyzed using multinomial logistic regression methods. The results of the analysis show that the status of participation in health insurance in the Province of West Kalimantan is influenced by the level of education, work status, area typology of residence, and disruption of activities. For the status of utilization of health insurance is influenced by the same variables except the education variables in the basic education category. Based on these results, the government must be more intensive in the dissemination of health insurance and pay attention to factors that influence the status of participation and utilization of health insurance as a basis for making policies.


Dr. Erni Tri Astuti, M. Math

Dr. Hardius Usman, MSi